Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I can't live without my GOOGLE. Yes that is right--my google which is actually igoogle customized to meet my needs. Google has perfected one stop WEB 2.0 for it's subscribers. The best aspect is that I only need one password for all applications.


RSS feeds as well as the readers saves crucial time and when you are flying solo in the library-----TIME is of the ESSENCE. RSS feeds saves me time, but they can also be used as attention getters as a class enters and before the teacher is prepared. Students then have REAL TIME events---the key feeding the students with sites they are interested in. A wise man once told our technology class---point of need is the best of the best teaching opportunity. Therefore, find those feeds that interest students and faculty members and place them in plain view. Some one will ask the question HOW DID YOU DO THAT? viola......a perfect teaching moment.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am always looking for a way to incorporate reading and technology. Mashups will allow just that. Simple to use. Word of mouth by other students is the best way to promote books ......so.....I think it would be a great reading, language arts, technology and library lesson all tied into one. Students can then post the trading cards on the shelves and other areas to promote books. The magazine covers would be another great tool for book promotions.


I LOVE flickr. My students are always looking for pictures. It is truly a wonderful source that is easy to navigate through and download from.

Friday, July 24, 2009

THING #3 Blogging

How easy was that! Ready to move on and learn some more. Since I am starting very late in this learning process, I examined several BLOGS. They were incredible.........AND motivating me to continue.

Life Long Learning THING #2

Not being a life long learner seems surreal to me! However, the more I am exposed to people the more apparent it becomes--- that the need to learn is not innate for some people. After reading 7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Life Long Learners it became clear that whether these habits are innate or taught, teaching has always been a way of life for me which makes Habit #7 by far the easiest. Early on my parents were teaching me and expecting me to pass on that new knowledge to family and friends. My earliest memory was around the age of 4......standing at a chalkboard teaching friends . Which could have lead to the most difficult of the habits. Habit #3 is an issue with me still today. Even though, I love the challenge of learning something new, I view much of the process as a problem until it is mastered and conquered and moving on to the next lesson. Throughout each learning experiences, I must focus on enjoying challenges rather than becoming frustrated with the learning process. My goal has to be model with excitement my learning understand how to improve my learning experiences while encouraging and developing life long learners with students, friends and family.